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Charitable Gift Giving Registry

Charitable gift giving is a fun way to raise money for charities you care about. Involve your friends and family by sharing the causes and charitable gifts which they will buy and money raised will be given to non profit charities. Create charity gift registry for any auspicious events, reasons or any occasions, choose gifts or add causes from our non profit charities partners, share it on your social media with your friends/followers, ask them to create awareness for the cause you create and create an impact for a better world. Discover some creative charity gift ideas from a wide range of causes and start donating now!

Our Charity Gift Ideas have non profit charities as our Partners which care about honoring different causes like giving meals to hungry families, support injured vet, educate a poor child and much more. After registering yourself on our website, go to our “Partners” section with different products and select products which are based on charitable gift giving concept and add them to your wishlist. Inform your friends and family to check out your wishlist on special occasions like birthday, Christmas, wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, honeymoon and different events.
If you don't need a gift for any occasion, then your family and friends have the option to donate money to the causes that you care about! How awesome is this charity gift idea?